Green Lawn Care

Sustainable landscaping in Farmington Hills, Southfield, Birmingham, and beyond!

Keeping your lawn green is about far more than maintaining the healthy color of your grass. Here’s everything we plan to do care for your lawn in a sustainable way:


Respect Riparian Buffers

  • Tall grass can filter pollution and runoff into waterways. We’ll leave a 2-3’ buffer zone between your lawn and any lakes, ponds, streams, or other waterways.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

  • We invest in new lawn equipment with fuel-injection technology, reducing fuel usage by up to 30%.
  • We use the most efficient machines for the job. A large property is cut by a larger machine, so it’s more fuel-efficient.
  • We maintain all of our equipment with regular oil changes and clean air, gas, and oil filters.

Recommend Healthy Lawn Care Techniques

  • We can tell you how much water your lawn really needs.
  • We’ll be careful cutting your lawn, keeping it at the proper level and not removing more than 1/3 of the length at once.
  • We’ll recommend environmentally safe fertilizers or refer you to a fertilizer application company that practices Healthy Lawn Care procedures.